River Warren Research Committee

Is optimistic about the future…

… but this optimism is colored by the realization that there are two fundamental truths people must learn and accept, or the future looks bleak indeed.

Individual Liberty for all is good for us all.

Private property is the Bedrock of Individual Liberty.

The number one threat to Private Property Rights in America today is ENVIRONMENTALISM!

Environmentalism today is government regulation of as much human activity as possible. Instead of fixing anything, environmentalism just keeps finding new ways to complain, and is always look for someone to sue. Instead of acknowledging that something is fine; environmentalism seeks to find something wrong and someone to blame.

The one thing environmentalism has successfully accomplished is the sell The Big Lie, and create a government sponsored, supported, and enforced market for environmentalist hucksters.

The only thing to fear is fear-mongering itself.

The truth is, 90 percent of environmentalist rhetoric is gross misrepresentation of actual, physical conditions; along with wildly speculative explanations and solutions for the so-called problems. Explanations and solutions, mind you, that frequently ignore the laws of physics.

In most cases, the true state of affairs warrants no alarm. Yet this irrational environmentalist attitude is used to justify ever more regulation, thus taking away more Private Property Rights and Individual Liberties.

We must all question environmentalism.

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