Advancing Truth as the Best Form of Expression

Thousands of environmental activist groups covet your money. Nearly all have these seven things in common.

  1. They insist the world is in grave danger and only government controls can protect us from ourselves.
  2. They use private contributions to lobby governments to enact and enforce stricter regulations.
  3. They use government grants to assist them in raising more private contributions.
  4. They work in cooperation with federal and state agencies to acquire and protect more land.
  5. They strive to become government consultants.
  6. They have a specific, ultimate objective that generally means bringing the world into compliance with their own vision of environmental harmony.
  7. Their successes always result in more government spending, higher costs to consumers, and less individual liberty.

RWRC follows a different drummer.

  1. We believe the workings of the world is an infinitely complex, self-regulating system that can take care of itself. Private citizens will usually do their best not to destroy the local ecology. Only a very big government can ever hope to amass the resources necessary for humanity to cause a global cataclysm. Keep government small and we'll be safe.
  2. We use private contributions to promote less federal and state government involvement in local land use issues.
  3. We do not accept government money.
  4. We believe that government agencies are usurping thousands of entrepreneurial opportunities that, if left to the free market, would result in better services, higher efficiencies, less pollution, and at least as many wildlife refuges and parks as we have now.
  5. About the only advice we would be likely to give the government is: fire the help, lock the doors, sell the furniture, get out of the business.
  6. Our ultimate objective is an informed citizenry making their own, hopefully intelligent, decisions.
  7. Our success will result in less government spending, competitive pricing, and more individual liberty.