Q & A

What is River Warren Research Committee?

RWRC is a membership organization dedicated to the truth. Government bureaucrats and environmental groups are ignoring key facts, including the existence of River Warren, to promote a Minnesota River reclamation program that will cost a lot of money and won't work. The growing membership of RWRC demands an honest discussion of all the facts.

What is RWRC's agenda?

RWRC's primary objective is to provide facts to as many people as possible. Our secondary objective is to get people actively involved in planning their future. RWRC has only one recommendation for improving or protecting the Minnesota or Mississippi Rivers: Decisions of this magnitude should be made by the people who have to live with them, and not until after full and honest analyses of all the facts have been conducted.

What is RWRC doing to accomplish its goals?

RWRC is still a fledgling organization. Our first project, now complete, is a report that explains River Warren and clearly illustrates its dominion over a huge watershed. This website is another accomplishment. Future (and continuing) plans include:

  • Direct confrontation with government meddlers and their allies
  • Continued research and reporting of the river system
  • An extensive information database
  • A growing network of like-minded individuals
  • Educational materials
  • A newsletter
  • Novelty items promoting River Warren and related subjects
  • A speakers bureau
  • Facilitation and arbitration services
  • Event sponsorship

What does RWRC need to accomplish its goals?

RWRC needs people who will dedicate their time and talents to the cause. We also need contributions of money and resources to cover expenses.

How can I help?

To be honest, what we need more than anything right now, is money. Anything you can immediately part with as a direct contribution to RWRC will go a long way. We also have instituted a multi-tier membership program. Please join. All new members will receive, within thirty days, at least one copy of the committee's first report: The Warren, A Truly Forgotten River. We also need you to get involved. Next time anyone starts telling you what is wrong with the Minnesota River, ask them to identify River Warren and explain what impact it has on the Minnesota River and its tributaries