Reclaim Your Liberty

Those who would surrender liberty for security deserve neither. (Ben Franklin)
In the end, they will have neither. (Drew Wilkinson)

RWRC is different

River Warren Research Committee is not your typical environmental activist group. Truth squad is a more apt description. Most environmental groups work to have their wants forced upon us by government. These groups are not interested in honest discussions. They want their recommendations followed. They also want to join the government money stream. Most are very adept at ignoring facts that don't support their position. Some of their assertions are outright lies, others twist the facts to meet their needs.

RWRC was formed by a small group who believe this is fundamentally wrong. Activists intent on changing people's behaviors should work to convince people, not have them coerced. Governments, on the other hand, should not be so quick to get involved. We decided enough is too much and resolved to do something about it.

The founders of RWRC are not predisposed to insurgency. The decision to form an activist group was not an easy one to make. Ultimately, the over-riding reasons to form the group are based on economics. There is a lot of room in the market for truth. We provide facts that others ignore.



The Minnesota River is currently under siege by government manipulators. Years ago they decided it is unnaturally dirty and conducted studies to prove it. They next determined that farms and faulty septic systems were the major offenders and, four years ago, set out to prove that. They took advantage of the low water flows during the recent drought to strengthen their position by finding high pollution counts. In the meantime, from the governor on down they have maintained a steady stream of propaganda while they conducted this major pollution study. Aside from some final analyses and compilation of the work, the study was completed by the end of June, 1993. Throughout, they have ignored River Warren.

The Great Flood of '93 came as The Great Surprise of '93 to most of these pompous fools. Their report will have very little to say about floods, except perhaps, recommending preservation of wetlands and floodplains. In contrast, people are currently very much aware of flooding and will want to hear more than that. As the so-called experts attempt to explain how their non-cures of alleged problems will also eliminate flooding, they will have to purposefully ignore River Warren. To ignore River Warren is to ignore basic facts that do not support the government position. When they do this, they are vulnerable.


River Warren Research Committee has no plan or agenda for doing anything with the Minnesota River. Our objective is to expose the bureaucrats as the average, self-serving human beings they are. We know they are not facing, in public, the dynamic impacts of River Warren on the watershed. We know they dramatize their propaganda to the point where "stretching the truth" is a generous interpretation. We know their entire agenda for the Minnesota River is based on fiction.

To expose fraud, reveal truth. We provide facts to those who want them. They are then entrusted with the patriotic duty of removing the yoke of government oppression from their own backs.

We want help. We need members. We're looking for people who are ready to take responsibility for themselves. We welcome all who will give their time and money to the great cause of liberty.


The whole idea of River Warren Research Committee is based on principles embodied in what we consider to be five fundamental truths.

For at least 20 years, government legislation and agency development has been operating in crisis mode. The endless string of crises are based on fear-inducing predictions of implausible global disaster. It is nearly impossible to defeat emotion with reason. Add the inevitable and insurmountable argument: we can't afford to risk the lives of millions by not doing whatever we can to prevent this hypothetical calamity; and any opposition becomes a heinous act akin to baby-killing.

We now have a huge, expensive government intruding into every facet of our lives. The members of RWRC don't like it and we're doing something about it. If you don't like it, you too must do something about it. No one is going to do it for you.

We each must retake our own backyard; but we can do the most good if we cooperate.

Bad laws are the worst sort of tyranny. (Edmund Burke)
  1. Government is a blunt instrument. You cannot operate, much less program, a computer with a sledge hammer. Being a blunt instrument, anything government does, no matter how simple or benign, causes damage to someone. Fewer blows are better.
  2. All people are self-serving individuals driven by personal goals. Inflated bureaucracies are filled with people whose jobs depend on giving advantages to some individuals at the expense of others. Tell me that isn't wide open for corruption. Everyone within the government money stream thrives on the growth of government. Those not in the money flow, your average private citizens, keep the stream flowing with their hard-earned dollars. As government grows, these individuals look for ways to avoid the costs and intrusions. In the end, everyone basically does what they want with what they've got. Wouldn't it be better to eliminate the government middleman, allow everyone to keep what they've got, and let them do with it what they want?
  3. Evolving systems, such as a national economy or the global ecology, are too complex to be efficiently controlled or protected by mere humans, even using the best new technology. Such a system is self-regulating and all parts contribute to the balance. Individuals, living their lives in selfish pursuit of their dreams, are the norm. Any attempts at control, which are really only possible at the governmental level, reduces overall efficiency of the system and throws off the balance. The system then spontaneously reacts to offset the perturbation and a new balance is established.
  4. Physics rules. To the best of anyone's knowledge, all activity in the known universe is governed by certain physical laws. Those who seem most concerned about our welfare usually have no concept of real-world physical limitations.
  5. Truth will prevail, eventually. Pursuing a goal that requires ignoring important facts, distorting the truth, or inventing fictions in order to succeed, is bordering on evil. At best, it's stupid.
  6. Reclaim your liberty. Join RWRC and join the cause.