Why Support River Warren Research Committee?

At least 30 percent (some say more like 70 percent) of your hard-earned money is spent supporting government. Control of your money, along with everyone else's, gives them their hold over your life. It seems more reasonable to ask why you should support increasingly oppressive federal and state governments.

RWRC doesn't want 70 percent, 50 percent, or even 10 percent of your money. We only want you to give what you decide to give.

Governor Arne Carlson, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and just about any other government body or environmental group you could name, have joined forces to take over the Minnesota River drainage basin. They come armed with laws and lies.

RWRC is a fledgling membership organization for the common folk. It is devoted to the truth above all else.

Government bureaucrats have decided that Minnesota River problems are caused by reckless private citizens despoiling the land and water. Farmers have been specifically targeted.

RWRC knows what no one wants to admit. People, including government employees and elected officials, will lie to achieve their goals. We also know that policy shapers are ignoring important facts that refute their findings.

State and federal agencies will soon be dictating all activity in the Minnesota River basin. This is bad enough. What is worse, they will be making all their plans and decisions based on insufficient data. They will spend your money, destroy the local economy, and ultimately fix nothing.

RWRC believes the only way to stop this travesty is for local citizens to organize and fight for their rights. RWRC was organized for just that purpose. We need you, as a concerned citizen, to actively question authority. We need you, as a participating member, to use your time and talents to help spread the truth. And we need your money to help finance the many educational programs desperately needed.

Very few modern activist groups, particularly of the environmentalist variety, are interested in reducing government involvement in your life. Most are in league with the bureaucrats. The goal of most activists and bureaucrats is to make themselves indispensable to the workings of government.

RWRC is not a political machine promoting a limited, self-serving agenda. RWRC is based on the principle that sound land-use decisions cannot be made if important facts are ignored. We know, from extensive research, that government decisions regularly ignore important facts, and the same is being done for the entire Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers. Federal and state government cannot be trusted to make the right decision. It is up to you to do something about it.

You should support River Warren Research Committee because no one else is going to help you make your own informed decisions about how to live with the river.

Anyone else will simply tell you what to do.