Why You Should Join

  1. RWRC cares deeply about the future of America and the world.
  2. RWRC knows that free people, not government, made America great.
  3. RWRC thinks all but the most basic government acts do more harm than good.
  4. RWRC assumes the best person to decide how your money is spent is you.
  5. RWRC is determined to have truth in government.
  6. RWRC believes truth is best reached through local decision-making.
  7. RWRC endorses major cuts in government spending and regulating.
  8. RWRC is reality-based, not legality-based.
  9. RWRC recongnizes that nature is not fragile. It is chaotically evolutionary and infinitely adaptable.
  10. RWRC knows the general public has been insidiously misled by the flawed, fear-mongering "environmentalist" agenda.
  11. RWRC doesn't endorse trashing the planet, but is confident Earth is not threatened by some dire calamity brought on by human industry.
  12. RWRC contends only big government can amass the resources necessary to create any serious threat. Keep government small and we'll be fine.
  13. RWRC finds most local and regional "enviro" issues are usually as overblown as global issues, and that real problems are often caused or aggravated by government involvement.
  14. RWRC recognizes The Natural Way is one of free, self-governing agents actively engaged in the selfish pursuit of their own private interests, bound only by the universal constants governing matter and energy.
  15. RWRC believes people are basically good, kind individuals who, through free association, can take care of themselves and their little chunk of the world without Big Nanny watching over them.

River Warren Research Committee is a General Interest Group amid a riot of Special Interest Groups.

Asking for nothing… but the truth.


(and your membership)